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Building healthy bodies with a balanced spine & highly functioning nervous system


What is chiropractic about?

I think there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to chiropractic.  Most people think chiropractic care is strictly about "fixing" back or neck pain.  And yes it's true, we do help people with these complaints.  However,  your spine is the gateway to your overall health!   It’s all about the nervous system! If we look at the anatomy of the human body there is a very intimate connection between your spine and your nervous system.  Your spine is comprised of 24 vertebrae that are all stacked one on top of the other.  At each level of the spine there are nerves that come out. These nerves are immensely important as they control EVERY organ, tissue, muscle and cell in your body. In fact, your body communicates with your brain through this network.  In life it is really common (and easy) to get misalignments of the spine.  When a vertebra shifts out of place it has the potential to impinge upon a nerve and that, without a doubt will affect how that nerve is functioning. 

As a chiropractor it is my job to assess and locate spinal misalignments, gently move them back into proper alignment and  teach you healthy habits to reduce the likelihood of them reoccurring.  Simply put, it's about inducing motion in your spine.  That's it.  Movement is life!  


Who needs chiropractic care? 

Everyone! Yes chiropractic care can help people with back or neck pain but it's so much more than that.  As there is a deep connection between our spine and our nervous system it is immensely important that we take care of our spinal health.  There is no one ever to young or too old to be adjusted!  Dr. Lindsay's practice is focused on family care, she see's pregnant moms, babies, dads and grandparents too.  


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